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Oleksandr Holovachov

Dr., Senior Curator


Tel: +46 (0)8 519 542 73
E-mail:  oleksandr.holovachov@nrm.se

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Ph.D., Wageningen University, the Netherlands, 2006


Independent research supported by external funding. Revision of the nematode collection of C. Allgén.

Research Interests

My main research interests are: (1) the diversity of terrestrial, freshwater and marine nematodes; (2) interactions of nematodes with other organisms and evolution of parasitism; (3) morphology- and barcode-based identification of nematodes.

(1) We know very little about nematode diversity. There are probably several hundred thousand nematode species in the world, but less than ten percent of them were described and named. Up to date, I described nine new genera and 102 new species of nematodes from many countries in Europe, as well as from USA, Costa Rica, Cameroon, New Zealand, Vietnam, Antarctica, Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

(2) Parasitic nematodes cause a lot of harm to people, farming and agriculture. Knowing how these nematodes evolved can help control them. By combining morphological, developmental and genomic data for free-living, symbiotic and parasitic species together I hope to understand how a free-living nematode adopted to parasitic lifestyle.

(3) Non-parasitic nematodes are also important. They play important role in soil formation and nutrient cycling. Ecologists use free-living nematodes as indicators to learn about soil health. To do this, nematodes need to be identified correctly and quickly. Use of DNA sequences (barcodes) to identify nematodes is becoming common, but it is not very precise yet, and some researchers still use traditional identification keys. My goal is to help scientist identify nematodes by writing traditional identification keys and by improving methods that identify nematode barcodes.


Project I. Diversity and Systematics of Swedish Nematodes

Other Professional Roles

Subject editor for ZOOTAXA and Biodiversity Data Journal.

Taxonomy expert for WoRMS. World Register of Marine Species.

Taxonomy expert for NeMys. World Database of Free-Living Marine Nematodes.


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