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Emma Wahlberg

PhD student


E-mail: emma.wahlberg@nrm.se

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B.Sc., Stockholm University, 2012.

M.Sc., Stockholm University, 2014.

Research Interests

The Empidoidea is a superfamily in the order Diptera that are mainly predatory flies and comprising some 11 400 described species worldwide, and they occupy all biogeographical regions. The species diversity of the Empidoidea corresponds to an enormous morphological diversity. The Empidoidea occupy a variety of habitats for breeding, from running water to decaying wood, and the adults are predators or feeding from pollen and nectar while the larvae are predators. The size of the adults varies from the tiny wing length of 0.8 mm in the genus Enlinia to up to 12 mm in the species Empis (Planempis) pan. In my project I study the diversity of the Scandinavian fauna and the material is mainly material from The Swedish Malaise Trap Project. I also work with the evolution of Empidoidea and the families and groups within. My project is funded by The Swedish Taxonomy Initiative.