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Daniela Kalthoff

Daniela Kalthoff



Phone: +46-8-5195 4108
E-mail: daniela.kalthoff@nrm.se

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Dipl.-Geol. University of Bonn, 1994

Dr. rer. nat. University of Bonn, 1999


I am scientifically responsible for the curation of the extant mammal collections, for loans and guest researchers. I am a lecturer in zoology at Stockholm University. In addition, the Swedish Board of Agriculture designated me as expert for mammal species identification.

Research Interests

I am a zoologist and vertebrate paleontologist. Key aspects of my research are mainly based on two methods which I apply to various mammalian groups (especially rodents and xenarthrans): (1) microstructural analysis of tooth tissues in respect of systematics, phylogeny but also biomechanics; and (2) dental microwear analysis to evaluate dietary habits of extant and extinct taxa as reflected by microscopic scars on the occlusal surfaces left by food items. Other research interests include use of morphometrics to study, e.g., the taxonomic status of rodents and hares.


Projekt I. Dietary habits in extant and extinct rodents; in extinct giant ground sloths; and in Tritylodontidae (extinct mammal-like reptiles). Collaborations with researchers from Finland, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands and USA.

Projekt II. Enamel and dentine microstructure analysis in various extinct rodents, in extinct hooved mammals (Notoungulata) from South America, in extant and extinct toothed Xenarthra (sloths and armadillos), and in fossil whales. Collaborations with researchers from Argentina, France, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, and USA.

Other Professional Roles

Editor-in-chief for Palaeontographica A (manuscripts on vertebrates).