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Bo Delling

Dr., Curator


Tel: 08 519 542 40
E-post: bo.delling@nrm.se

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MSc. Stockholm University, 1994.

PhD. Stockholm University, 2004.


I am responsible for the management of the underground storage facilities housing all the wet collections at NRM. I am responsible for X-ray analyses facilities. Everyday work is mainly focused on the wet fish collection. I am a member of the Collections Network.

Research Interests

My interest in biology is centered on fish within the field of systematics, taxonomy and, biogeography with the main focus on salmoniform fishes but also with more general interest in boreal fishes as a whole. My master focused on relict four-horn sculpins and my Phd on Eurasian trouts (Salmo).

I am engaged in quality assessment related to storage of collections, focusing on management over time related to efficient planning for enhancement of localities and storage facilities. Management of the wet collection implies several technical and practical issues for the long-term preservation of hundreds and thousands of objects kept in 70-80% ethanol.

X-ray is used frequently in, e.g., fish systematics to study osteological characters in preserved specimens. In 2016 I was responsible for the purchase of a new digital X-ray machine. Compared to the old machine consuming film, chemicals, cooling water and, large amount of energy, the digital one is easy operated, environmental friendly and, cost efficient.


Project I . Morphology, genetics and, biogeography in symptaric populations of spring- and autumn spawning vendaces

Project II . Phylogeny and taxonomy of trouts in the genus Salmo


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