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Mattias Forshage

Associated Researcher


Phone:  +46 (0)8 5195 4049
E-mail: mattias.forshage@nrm.se

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PhD Zoological systematics, Uppsala university 2009
Master of Science in entomology, Swedish university of Agricultural sciences 2002
Bachelor of Science in Biology and earth sciences, Stockholm university
Master of Arts in Humanities (literature, philosophy of science etc), Stockholm university


The current postdoc-project is a part of the Swedish Taxonomy Initiative, and includes systematic revisions in a group of poorly known parasitic wasps (Eucoilinae of Figitidae) on a west Palearctic basis.

These wasps are usually small and black parasites of flies, and many new species remain to be discovered. Other projects concern the same group of wasps but on a world basis. I am also trying, via the Swedish Malaise Trap Project and else, to get an overview of the entire Swedish Hymenoptera fauna.

I maintain side projects about beetles, specifically dung beetles and other scarabs (Scarabaeoidea). These concern systematics, evolution, biogeography, in general and specifically regarding the big subfamily Aphodiinae, and on a nordic basis also questions of conservation and faunistics.

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Other interests

In general dung and carcass ecology, the history and theory of entomology and zoological systematics, physical geography and conservation questions, zoological nomenclature, philosophy of science and epistemology, as well as both poetic and political aspects of all this.

I am eager to stress the importance of tradition and potential of amateur entomology, participate in the "committee for illustrated identification keys of bugs in the field" (KIBSIF) and I am the president of the Stockholm Entomological Society (I have also been collecting biographical data about swedish entomologists).

Field experience

All over Sweden, plus Norway, Denmark, Finland, England, Hungary, Spain, and a little further away also USA, Canada and South Africa.


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