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Steffen Kiel

Senior Curator.


Phone: +46 (0)8 519 551 56
E-mail: steffen.kiel@nrm.se

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PhD Universität Hamburg, Germany, 2001

Habilitation Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany, 2013


The Mesozoic and Cenozoic invertebrate collections.

Coordinator of the Swedish DiSSCoexternal link National Task Force

Coordinator of the SYNTHESYS+external link Virtual Access program

Research Interests

My overall research interest could be summarized with the question “What drives evolution on geologic time scales?”. Currently, I am focused on the fossil history of so-called chemosynthetic ecosystems, which can be found around hydrothermal vents and methane seeps in the deep sea.

I use mollusks as a model group to study evolutionary radiations, diversity gradients, and other evolutionary patterns. I am also interested in integrating geochemical and molecular biological data with fossil data, as well as state-of-the-art computational methods, to address my research questions.

Funding for my research has come from Austrian, German, and American funding bodies, the European Commission, and most recently the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet, VR).

  • Project III. Network analysis in paleobiogeography:

    I am exploring how network analysis, a tool borrowed from the social and physical sciences, can be applied to biogeographic questions. Of particular interest to me is its use for tracing the evolution of biogeographic provinces through geologic time.

Other Professional Roles

  • Academic Editor for PLoS Oneexternal link
  • Review Editor for Frontiers in Microbiology
  • Editorial Board member of Lifeexternal link
  • Editorial Board member of The Nautilusexternal link