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Highlights of the collection

Not all of the fossil material collected by H.-J. Schweitzer resides in Stockholm. Other material is held by various institutions in Germany. The SwedishNaturalHistoryMuseum hosts 2411 specimens in the collection on loan since 2007, plus some additional material that Schweitzer donated directly to the museum. The strength of the collection is in its broad coverage of almost the entire history of plant evolution. Particularly important material includes:

  • Significant early land plants from Spitzbergen.
  • A substantial collection of early land plants fromBearIslandin theArctic .
  • Extensive collections of Devonian plants from Germany including examples illustrating the life cycle of, for example, Sciadophyton.
  • Significant collections of plants (particularly conifer foliage and cones) from the German Permian and Triassic.
  • Extensive collections of Late Triassic to Jurassic fossils fromIranand Afghanistan including fine examples of reproductive structures including Karkenia, Irania and Palissya.
  • Large collections of seeds from the German Cenozoic brown coal deposits.

JE-Sch0781 Leafy axis of Ullmannia bronni Göpp. from Hoerstgen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.