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Per Andersson

Ph.D., Docent


Phone: +46 (0)8 519 540 38
E-mail: per.andersson@nrm.se

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  • M.Sc., Stockholm University, Sweden, 1985
  • Ph.D., Stockholm University, Sweden, 1991

Research interests

I am a geochemist applying isotopes as my primary tool using the Department of Geosciences state of the art isotope laboratories for determination of isotope composition in a variety of materials. My main research area cover questions related to element transport from continental sources through river transport and deposition in marine sediments. Understanding how and how fast elements are transported in the natural environment is a great help for understanding several key processes at the Earth’s surface. These key processes include a variety of topics such as evolution of life and impact on climate.

I also take part in GEOTRACES (www.geotraces.orgexternal link), an international programme which aims to improve the understanding of biogeochemical cycles and large-scale distribution of trace elements and their isotopes in the marine environment. Scientists from approximately 35 nations have been involved in the programme, which is designed to study all major ocean basins over the next decade. I use the unique state of the art equipment available at GEO

Research projects

  • Particle transport derived from isotope tracers and its impact on ocean biogeochemistry: a GEOTRACES project in the Arctic Ocean
  • Climate warming in Siberian Permafrost Regions; tracing the delivery of carbon and trace metals to the Arctic Ocean

Other Professional Roles

  • Member of the NORDSIM laboratory Nordic steering group, 2002-2017
  • Participated in the constituent meeting for GEOTRACES in 2006 and member of the GEOTRACES Scientific Steering Committee 2007-2010
  • Member of GEOTRACES Standards and Intercalibration Committee, 2007-2013