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Isotopic characteristics of polymetallic ores in the Pyrenees

Kjell Billström

This project investigates ore-forming processes in the Spanish Pyrenees, in cooperation with geologists from Spain. 

The Pyrenees are an extensively mineralized mountain belt and contains e.g. Pb-Zn (-Ag) sulphide deposits that often are rich in fluorite and barite. Alpine folding and deformation have led to complex stratigraphic relationships between rocks formed during the Variscan orogeny (c. 0.3 billion years ago), the underlying basement rocks and younger sequences formed during the Alpine phase. One hypothesis is that the studied deposits are due to hydrothermal activity related with the break-up of Pangea during the Mesozoic. The current project, carried out with colleagues at the Zaragoza university (Spain), aims at understanding the source of ore components and to set age constraints on the ore-forming processes.


Kjell Billström