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Towards the completion of the Flora of Rubiaceae of Madagascar

Flower of Schismatoclada

A new undescribed species of the Malagasy genus Schismatoclada (Rubiaceae) from the Marojejy National Park (Madagascar). Photo: S. Razafimandimbison.


In Madagascar, Rubiaceae (coffee family) is the largest woody flowering plant family with no less than 1000 species in ca. 100 genera. Its members are a very important component of the Malagasy ecosystems and about 98% of the species and 30% of the genera are endemic to Madagascar. However, the Flora treatment for the Malagasy Rubiaceae is still lacking. I undertake full taxonomic revisions of four genera: Bremeria (tribe Mussaendeae) with 35 species, Pyrostria (tribe Vanguerieae) with 70 species, Payera (tribe Danaideae) with 15 species and Schismatoclada (Danaideae) with 30 species. A total of 70 new endemic species will be described and illustrated. Risks of extinction assessments based on the IUCN Red List criteria, distribution maps and identification keys for all recognized species will be provided. Our revisions contribute towards the completion of the Flora of Rubiaceae for Madagascar.

This research is funded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA)

Selected Publications

Atalahy, A.M., F. Rakotonasolo, M. Rabemanarivo, H.L, and S.G. Razafimandimbison. 2021. Nouvelles espèces du genre Pyrostria (Rubiaceae, Vanguerieae) de Madagascar. Candollea 76: 1-12.