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T-bana: Universitetet
Frescativägen 40

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Måndag–söndag 10–18
t.o.m. 21 augusti

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Allison Hsiang

Porträtt av Allison Hsiang




Developing probabilistic models of morphological evolution for phylogeny inference, and writing software implementing these models.


My research is focused on understanding macroevolutionary patterns and processes in a phylogenetic context across deep time. I am interested in developing models and software to better understand the history of life on Earth. Currently, I am working on improving probabilistic models for morphological evolution, with a focus on extracting correlation structure from large morphological datasets. My other work includes investigating phylogenetic incongruence between morphological and molecular data, implementing software for automatic extraction of 2D and 3D morphological data from high-throughput images of invertebrate fossils, and developing machine learning methods for organism identification (up to species-level) using convolutional neural networks.