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The DINA-project (Digital information system for natural history collections) is creating a web-based collection management system DINA-Web which has the potential to cover all major natural history collections in Sweden. The project is run at the Swedish Museum of Natural History under the name DINA-IRIS and together with the international DINA consortiumexternal link.

Development news

News about latest development done in the DINA project is published every 2-4 weeksexternal link.


DINA-Web Services

The DINA-Web system consists of multiple independed services described below. Source code for most of these is on Githubexternal link.

DINA Collections

DINA Collections (working title) is a web-based tool for managing natural history collections. It aims to make data entry and collection management efficient and effective, and include all diciplines of natural history (zoology, botany, geology and palaeontology). The long-timescale goal is to replace currently used collection management systems at NRM.

DINA Collections is being developed and expanded one collection or system at a time, starting from mammal collection at NRM. First production version for the mammal collection should be ready in autumn 2018. Later it is expanded to cover other collections also. Since the underlying platform (data model, database and user inferface modules) are designed to be generic and cover multiple different collection types, expansion into new collections should become easier and faster over time.


SeqDB is a tool for managing and publishing genomic data. It is being develop at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and will be taken into use at NRM's DNA Laboratory. Eventually it will be connected to the core collection management system.

DNA-Key (Svenska DNA-nyckeln)

DNA-Key is a public tool for querying against a reference library of known DNA-sequences in a similarity search BLAST.

Loan-request service

Loan request service is used for requesting loans from NRM, and administering the requests.


Naturarv is a search portal for natural history collections in Sweden, providing access to collection data stored in the DINA-Light/Specify system.

SMTP Inventory client

Inventory client is used to record and manage data within the Swedish Malaise Trap Project.

Media server

A tool for providing images and other media for the other services.



International DINA consortium partners:

  • Naturhistoriska riksmuseet
  • Biologiska museet i Lund
  • Evolutionsmuseet (Uppsala)
  • Göteborgs naturhistoriska museum
  • Agri-Food and Agriculture Canada (Ottawa)
  • Museum für Naturkunde (Berlin)


This project is funded by

  • Swedish Museum of Natural History (NRM)
  • Species Information Centre (SLU)