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Photo: Anders Telenius


The detailed programme for the meeting and workshop is being prepared and will be continuously updated until the meeting. See the preliminary Programmeexternal link, opens in new window.

Main event

The preliminary Programexternal link, opens in new window (opens in new window)

Side event

Foto: Anders Telenius

1.ALA technical Workshop
This workshop is intended for systems engineers participating in the development of Atlas of Living Australia technology currently being implemented in the GBIF community.

The workshop will commence integrated with the European Nodes Meeting Tuesday 9 May, later to separately continue in an open discussion on the progress and tools used to develop and customize ALA techniques for nodes portals etc.

Foto: Anders Telenius

2.Excursion 1
One early morning excursion (Tuesday morning 6-8 AM) will be arranged for those interested in a walk in the National City Parkexternal link, opens in new window surrounding the Swedish Museum of Natural History and Stockholm University. The park enjoys a rich plant and animal life, harbouring over 800 different native flowering plants, more than 1,200 species of beetles and approximately 100 species of nesting birds.

The many ancient oaks offer living space for both insects and birds, and constitute one of the largest stands of oaks in northern Europe. Starting from the museum we will return in time to have coffee before starting the day´s programme.

3. Excursion 2

Additionaly one full day excursion will be arranged to “Malaise´s udde” close by Simpnäs in the northern part of the Stockholm archipelago, 125 km north of the museum (Thursday 9 AM-4 PM). This piece of land is located on a promontory right by the Baltic Sea and consists of a mixture of barren rocks facing the sea, rock pools, windswept pine forest, mixed spruce and deciduous forest and former hay-meadows covered in dense deciduous vegetation.

Photo: Anders Telenius

Photo: Anders Telenius

The estate belongs to René and Ebba Malaise´s foundation and was set aside as a private property in the 1940´s by the entomologist and inventor of the Malaise trap used in inventories and monitoring programmes all over the world.

Social Events

An ice-breaker will be arranged on the evening of Monday 8 May at a downtown location to be decided.

A hosted dinner will be held at on 9 May at Restaurant Gondolenexternal link, opens in new window in downtown Stockholm.