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T-bana: Universitetet
Frescativägen 40

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Tisdag–fredag 11–17
Lördag–söndag 10–18

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Research and collections

  • We discover new species and fossils. We keep 10 million items. We make pollen forecasts every day. We detect environmental hazards. About 60 research staff (including 12 professors), 250 research publications and 300 guest researchers annually. About 10,000 lending collectibles each year.

Två kvinnliga forskare i vita rockar och skyddshandskar. Foto: Martin Stenmark

We work for increased understanding of the development of the Earth and the life on it, and it's diversity.

Ägg ur samlingarna. Foto: Anders Rising

The collections form the base for succsessfull research, international cooperations and the produce of living exhibitions.

Pollen från jura-perioden. Foto: Vivi Vajda

Laboratories, support facilities and other equipment.

Research Departments and events