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Logotyp för Naturhistoriska riksmuseet
Logotyp för Naturhistoriska riksmuseet

Alexander Fedosov

Senior Curator


Unravelling Mollusc Mysteries at the Swedish Museum of Natural History

Driven, meticulous, and always eager to learn. Alexander Fedosov, a recent addition to the Swedish Museum of Natural History, brings a blend of passion and precision to the world of marine zoology. As a researcher at the museum’s Zoology department, Alexander's journey has been fuelled by a curiosity to unravel the evolutionary mechanisms that make our world so intricate and awe-inspiring.

Journey to Zoology

Alexander Fedosov, with his self-professed traits of being "motivated, meticulous, and a fast-learner," was drawn to the world of zoology from a young age. Inspired by environmental pioneers like Jacques Yves Cousteau, he emphasizes, "So much efforts of humanity are directed towards prosperity of human kind, and so little towards learning more about the unique splendid world, we’re all living in!" This profound curiosity recently guided him to the Swedish Museum of Natural History (SMNH) where he assumed the role of researcher at the zoology department. He's thrilled about "fulfilling my research dreams as a part of the SMNH team," diving deep into the world of species-rich, yet to date still poorly studied marine molluscs.

Research and Innovations

In his detailed exploration of marine gastropods, Alexander seeks to "get to better our understanding of the evolutionary mechanisms that enabled their remarkable success." He studies their morphological and biochemical adaptations, aiming to map these traits to distinct events in evolutionary history. A pivotal moment in his career was the creation of MOLD, a tool designed to blend DNA data with traditional taxonomy. As he puts it, "Many new species are being identified based on the DNA-barcoding or similar approaches... integrating DNA data in the taxonomic practice can lead to more accurate and practically usable species diagnoses."

Life Beyond the Lab

Even outside of his dedicated research, Alexander remains an explorer at heart. Currently, he’s investing time to "get to know Sweden better, which I quite enjoy." Whether he's hiking through its picturesque landscapes, getting lost in a captivating book, or playing an energizing riff on his guitar, Alexander appreciates the beauty in life's modest joys.

With his unwavering dedication and passion, Alexander Fedosov's journey at the Swedish Museum of Natural History is poised to be one of exploration, innovation, and profound discoveries in the world of zoology.

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Alexander Fedosov

Senior Curator



Alexander Fedosov is involved in the following projects:

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Phylogeny and Evolution of the Neogastropoda

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