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Logotyp för Naturhistoriska riksmuseet
Logotyp för Naturhistoriska riksmuseet


World of Water

Explore our blue planet. Did you know that there is more water inside the Earth than in the world's oceans? Who lives where in the ocean? And how can we protect our aquatic environments?

A visual exhibition about water

World of Water is a new exhibition where you can dive deep into the world of water. Living in water is different from life on land. How so?

The exhibition tells the story of life in the seas and the importance of water for our planet through four different themes - water planet, organisms' adaptation to water, Swedish waters, and human impact on aquatic environments.

Come in and experience through interactive stations and items from the museum's collections.

Important questions about the future of the seas

The exhibition brings to life current environmental issues affecting the health of the oceans. Here we discuss, among other things, the museum's research on environmental toxins, for example, how seals are affected by pollutants.

You will also see several examples of how we can together halt the development of exploitation and preserve the oceans.

Unique items from the museum's collections

In the exhibition, you will see many marine organisms preserved in alcohol from the museum's collections. Some of these have never been shown before in our exhibitions - from the tiny pearl boat to the spectacular giant squid, which exists in only a few specimens worldwide to observe.

Watch the giant squid. Photo: Martin Stenmark

Test and discover

The exhibition offers 12 interactive stations for all senses and plenty to try out for the curious. Build your own fish and see how it swims, test if you know who eats what, and if you can build a food chain. Don’t forget to explore the interactive globe and learn more about how we impact our planet or test how long it takes for garbage in the sea to break down.

Barn upptäcker stor snäcka i utställningen.

What is heard in the cochlea? Photo: Martin Stenmark

Highlights of the exhibition

  • The preserved giant squid that lives at great depths and is rarely seen near the surface
  • The interactive globe, which can show, among other things, how the oceans are used as transport routes
  • The evocative plankton ballet in sound and image
  • Photographer Mandy Barker's thought-provoking photo art about plastic's environmental impact
  • See what hides in the depths of the sea

More about the exhibition

World of Water is a 560-square-meter exhibition designed by the company Expology and produced by the Swedish Museum of Natural History.