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Logotyp för Naturhistoriska riksmuseet
Logotyp för Naturhistoriska riksmuseet
People watching a movie.

About Cosmonova

At Cosmonova you can enjoy a great, immersive and stunning experience. You can feel what it is like to be on the scene, in the midst of an adventure. The Cosmonova theater is unique, as is its technology.

Cosmonova with IMAX laser

Cosmonova is big, really big! Experience the giant 760sqm dome with surrounding image and sound. Crystal Clear IMAX Laser Projection: Increased resolution, sharper and brighter images, deeper contrasts, as well as the widest range of colors available to filmmakers to deliver the most life-like visuals for moviegoers.

Next Generation IMAX Precision Sound: Patented sound technology delivers striking clarity and depth alongside perfected tuned sound and evenly distributed audio throughout the theatre.

But what really makes Cosmonova so special? It’s not necessarily the technique itself, but how it visually transfers you to somewhere else.

Cosmonova combines knowledge and new perspectives into a great experience.


Quick facts about the theatre

  • Cosmonova’s dome is 23 meters in diameter and made of perforated aluminum.
  • Cosmonova has 262 seats
  • The back of the seats lean in various degrees depending on where in the theatre they are, to ensure the best visual experience no matter where you are seated.

Visitor accessibility

Induction loops (Swedish) are available in Cosmonova. Please ask a member of staff for recommendations on where to sit for best audio with induction loop.

The shows are not subtitled. There is a limited number of English audio receivers available. Please ask a member of staff at the Cosmonova entrance for English audio.

We have three spaces for wheelchairs in the theatre for those who would like to remain in their wheelchairs. See the options for wheelchair space when booking online.

Age limits and recommendations

Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older. The age limit serves to ensure the safety for our visitors. Infants under the age of two are not allowed in the theatre. It is not possible to bring a pram or stroller inside the theatre.

The story of Cosmonova

Cosmonova opened in 1992 and has since then wowed over 10 million visitors.

Cosmonova is one of three IMAX theatres in Sweden today, but the only IMAX dome theatre with digital Imax laser.

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