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Logotyp för Naturhistoriska riksmuseet
Logotyp för Naturhistoriska riksmuseet

Report bird ring recovery

If you find a bird ring with the address RIKSMUSEUM STOCKHOLM, please report it to us at the Bird Ringing Centre.

You may allso send us bird rings with foreign addresses found in Sweden, and we will forward these to the appropriate ringing central.

When the recovery has been processed, everyone who reported a ringed bird receives feedback with information about which bird species it was and where and when it was ringed.


Form - Report Bird Ring

Ringed homing pigeons or domestic birds should not be reported to the museum. You can find more information on how to proceed on the page for homing pigeons and domestic birds.

Please note that bird species belonging to the state's wildlife must also be reported to the police for transport to the Swedish Museum of Natural History. More information can be found on the page about the state's wildlife.

Questions in the form marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory and must be filled in. You can also phone in your observation at: 08-519 540 80.

Processing of Personal Data

When a bird ring is reported via phone or the form to the museum, the Swedish Museum of Natural History saves personal information such as name, address, telephone number, and email. The purpose is to communicate with the reporter about the respective report and to follow up on any future questions regarding each reported bird ring.

We also process personal data to fulfill our government mandate and to meet the requirements for government handling and archiving of public documents.

The legal basis for processing these personal data is to perform tasks of public interest, as well as part of our government authority exercise. More detailed information on how the Swedish Museum of Natural History handles personal data can be found on the page Privacy Policy.

If the ring lacks an address or if the address is illegible, enter "Missing" in the field.

Please check the ring number carefully. If it is a colour ring, please give also information about colour


How was the bird found? * (mandatory)
How was the bird found?

Your contact information (So that we can send information about where and when the bird was ringed)
Your contact information (So that we can send information about where and when the bird was ringed)

Pictures: Here you can send us your pictures (jpg, gif eller png), maximum 3 pictures for each report.

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