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Loans from the Environmental Specimen Bank

On this page, you will find information on how to apply for specimen loans, as well as the conditions and criteria for borrowing material from the Swedish Environmental Specimen Bank (ESB).

The application process

Loan applications for biological materials are processed five times a year. Applications are evaluated based on the set of criteria for borrowing materials from the ESB listed below. It is important to justify the need of a loan from the ESB for a project, since material from each individual specimen is limited and cannot be replaced.

Applications will be approved or rejected within a month after the application deadline. If a loan is granted, the applicant will receive perliminary cost estimates and a suggested deadline for delivery of samples. Applicants can expect such an email within two weeks after application approval.

An agreement on sample preparation and delivery will then be arranged. By signing this agreement, the applicant commits to meet the conditions regarding the terms for lending materials from the Environmental Specimen Bank Pdf, 325.3 kB..

Application evaluation criteria

Applications for loans from the ESB are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • The societal benefit of the project in relation to material demand and supply in the ESB.
  • Whether the project addresses new issues or knowledge gaps.
  • How the project is relevant for environmental monitoring or environmental research.
  • The necessity to use materials from the Environmental Specimen Bank in the project.
  • The use of a well-proven method of analysis.
  • A reported plan to cover project finances.

Loan applications for specimens from the ESB

To apply for a loan of materials from the ESB, use the application form.

Application periods are as follows:
Deadline for submissionAssesment completed by
31 January28 February
31 Match30 April
31 May30 June
31 August30 September
31 October30 November

Samples can usually be delivered within 6 months of loan approval. The delivery time also depends on the extent of the loan and other, ongoing demands for materials.

Cost and payment

Once a loan from the ESB has been approved, the applicant will recieve an invoice once the samples have been delivered according to the agreement.

The cost of samples from the ESB varies depending on the type of sample preparation required. We always conduct an individual assessment of the time required to handle the requested sample. For price information, please contact

Do you have questions?

If you have any questions regarding loans from the ESB, contact us via the following email address:

Processing of personal data

When a loan application for specimens from the ESB is sent to the museum, the Swedish Museum of Natural History saves personal data such as institution, name, phone number and E-mail.

The purpose of saving personal data is to be able to communicate with applicants regarding their loan application and to be able to follow up on any future questions about the project. We also process personal data to fulfill the requirements of handling and archiving public documents. The legal basis for the processing of this personal data is to perform data of general interest.

Your personal data is stored for as long as required according to the legislation on public documents and government archives.

ESB specimen loans

Application form for loans out of the Swedish Environmental Specimen Bank.

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