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Logotyp för Naturhistoriska riksmuseet
Logotyp för Naturhistoriska riksmuseet

Services, loans and facilities

The collections are primarily used for research, both in internal and external projects, but also for exhibitions and education. Material can be made available to individuals affiliated with an academic institution, through loans or visits, after contact with responsible staff.


Viewing of collections and loans or deposits can often be arranged. Whether the requests can be accommodated depends on several circumstances that will be examined after contact.


The collections are stored on various floors. Cleaning and preparation of samples take place in a separate space. Binocular microscopes, digital cameras, and other equipment for examination and identification, e.g., X-ray diffraction, are available in close proximity.

New acquisitions are continuously registered in the database.


Information about registered samples is available in the following databases accessible at

  • Minerals and more
  • Isotope geological samples (primarily dating samples of rocks)
  • Iron and manganese nodules
  1. - Mines, Minerals and More External link.
  2. SGU's Map Viewer External link.


Contact and loan inquiries

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