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Logotyp för Naturhistoriska riksmuseet
Logotyp för Naturhistoriska riksmuseet

Department of Zoology

The department conducts research on the taxonomy, systematics, and evolution of animals. It is responsible for the zoological collections and manages the alcohol storage facility.


The department conducts research on the diversity and evolution of the animal kingdom.

Our Research


The museum houses extensive zoological collections, ranging from whale skeletons to microscopic organisms.

Zoological Collections – Animals

State game

The department is responsible for the state's game. Endangered species found dead in nature are sent to the Swedish Museum of Natural History to be handled by our conservators and then become part of the museum's collections.

State game [in Swedish]


Learn more about our courses and the opportunities offered on our course page.

Education - Courses in Zoology


Specimens are regularly sent on loan all over the world.

Loan information page

Animal-related Inquiries

At the Swedish Museum of Natural History, there is a Biologist for public Inquiries (sv. Jourhavande biolog) who is happy to answer questions about animals and nature.

General questions about:

Animals, nature, and help with identifying species


Head of Department

Kjell-Arne Johansson

Kjell Arne Johanson | Enhetschef


Deputy Head of department

Lena Gustavsson | Senior Curator
Deputy Head of Department

Secretary, Financial Administration

Ann-Katrin Gustafsson | Secretary

Post address

Department of Zoology

Swedish Museum of Natural History

Box 50007

104 05 Stockholm

Delivery address

Contact us before delivery. We have several delivery addresses.

Visiting Address

Frescativägen 40 and 48


Bilder från utbildningstillfällen i samarbete med SU på Tjärnö forskningsstation. Education - Zoology courses

Are you eager to study the world's wildlife or do your degree project with us? Then you might be interested in taking so...


Do you want to become a volunteer and work with our zoological collections? As a volunteer, you will gain insight and ex...

Zoology department staff

Here you will find contact information for the staff at the Department of Zoology

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