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Collection storage

The long-term preservation of our collections requires the premises to be well designed in terms of temperature, humidity and light







Wet collection storage

The Museum has an underground space for storage of all collections kept in alcohol, with direct access from the north wing of the main building.
The total surface of the storage space is about 1000 square metres, with 7000 meters of 50 cm deep shelves in a compact system and 100 metres of racks for industrial standard pallets, used for storage of larger containers. The alcohol building also includes 200 square metres of labs and storage of glassware and other utensils.


The safety procedures for this facility include a sprinkler system, advanced fire and alcohol detection systems and education of the personnel. The building was taken in use 1994. In total, the museum´s wet collections consists of 350 000 lots, from large sharks to amoebas and tropical fruits.

Contact person:

Bo Delling