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Entomological collections

The sizable collections, comprising more than three million specimens, contain insects, arachnids (mites and spiders) and myriapods (millipedes and centipedes).

Older collections

Among the most valuable older collections are those of the pioneers Carl Clerck (1709-1765) and Charles De Geer (1720-1778), both of whom had close ties to Carl von Linné (1707-1778).

Insects from Schönherr´s collection

Schönherr´s 19th century insect collection

A significant addition was the collection of 8 600 insect species, donated in 1819 by Gustaf von Paykull (1757-1826).

Carl Johan Schönherr (1772-1848) and Carl Henrik Boheman (1796-1868) were among several other early entomologists who contributed importantly to the collections.

Malaise traps

The Swedish Malaise Trap Project (SMTP) was conducted by the museum from 2002-2006. Parts of the vast material from 61 traps at 44 sites around Sweden is now found in our collections. SMTP is currently run by Station Linné.external link, opens in new window

Collection labels

To the same needle on which the insect is mounted is attached the labels belonging to the specimen. In earlier days the animals were labeled not with the exact place and time for collection, but only with the name of the collectors and the province where it was caught.

Entomology collection labels -collectorsPDF

Entomology collection labels -geographyPDF


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Material not yet in our database is found in species lists.