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Posters by A. Nathorst

The book by Z. Kvacek and S. B. Manum compiled unpublished posters of tertiary plants created by Alfred G. Nathorst. Which today is an important part of the museum's collections.

The book A. G. Nathorst's (1850-1921) unpublished plates of Tertiary plants from Spitsbergen, are written by Z. Kvacek and S. B. Manum. Published 1997.

​Important part of the collections

Thirty-six plates of Tertiary plants from Spitsbergen, produced by A. G. Nathorst in the late 1890's for an intended monograph, represent a significant part of the collections from the Arctic Tertiary in the department of palaeobotany, Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm.

The present plate explanations document the specimen numbers and collecting localities, and offer identifications of the fossils. Notes on the stratigraphy of the collecting localities and the taxonomic approach applied in the naming the fossils are also included.

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