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Rihab Yousif

Senior Assistant.


Phone: +46 (0)8 519 542 52
E-mail: rihab.yousif@nrm.se

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BSc Mosul University, Iraq, 1979

MSc Mosul University, Iraq, 1989


I work with the arrangement, identification, care and registration of the department's palaeobiological collections. I help update the information in the collections database and make suggestions to improve its structure. I am responsible for planning and organizing work surrounding the meso-fossil collection. I assist with research and laboratory work. I have been educated in the handling of strong acids and attended a safety course with CPR training.


I am educated in paleontology, stratigraphy, historical geology and paleoecology. My master's was on the palynology of the Cathysian province in Iraq.

I worked as an academic and teacher in Iraq at Mosul University. I led field excursions and field work and planned and taught course projects. In that role I was a lecutrer in paleontology, stratigraphy, historical geology and paleoecology and I have a strong scientiic interest in those areas.

My experience as an academic and at the museum has increased my interest in scientific paleontological material and the importance of adequately docmentating all the information surrounding collection, processing and research.