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Larisa Doguzhaeva

Guest Researcher.


E-mail: ldoguzhaeva@rambler.ru 

Research Interests

Researcher at the Palaeontological Institute of the Russian Academy, Moscow.

Recent interests:

  • Evolutionary morphology of coleoid cephalopods.
  • Preservation of non-mineralized structures (mandibles, arm-hooks, radulae, ink sacs, soft tissue debris (mantle, arms) in cephalopods).
  • Microorganisms associated with organic structures in cephalopods.

Frequent collaborators include Harry Mutvei and Elena Dunca (NRM), Royal Mapes (Ohio University), Desmond Donovan (College London University), Herbert Summesberger (Museum of Natural History, Vienna) and Wolfgang Weitschat (Geol.-Paläont. Inst. und Mus., Univ. Hamburg).