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Jonas Hagström



Phone: +46 (0)8 519 542 03
E-mail: jonas.hagstrom@nrm.se

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BSc. Stockholm University, 1990

Fil. lic. Stockholm University, 1997


My main tasks are curation and database registration of the collections, assisting guest researchers and students, 'on-call Paleontologist' and administering loans.


I studied geoscience specializing in paleontology at Stockholm University. My Bachelor's thesis was on Precambrian plankton from Västergötland and my lic-thesis was on the spores of early plants from the Silurian of Gotland.

I have worked on the paleontological collection at the museum since 2000. My interests are the history of the collections and the people who did the collecting, especially the polar expeditions at the turn of the last century. I do fieldwork in the Polar Pegions and elsewhere. I am also interested in Precambrian trace fossils – there are many interesting things in our collections!

My work aims to improve the quality of the collections so that researchers can find material and the public can know the value of our collections.

I went on expeditions to Spitsbergen six times and to Antarctica once.

Other Professional Roles

  • Vice chaiman of The Stockholm Society for Natural Sciences.



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