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Anna Lindström

Senior Assistant.


Phone: +46 (0)8 519 541 46
E-mail: anna.lindstrom@nrm.se

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MSc Uppsala University, Sweden, 1995

Ph.D. Uppsala University, Sweden, 2005


My main tasks are curation, sorting and database registration of the department collections, mainly paleobotanical material, both fossils and microscopy slides. Another project is to scan the large collection of old glass negatives to preserve them digitally and to organize old photographic material. I am the department’s representative in the museum’s Environmental Group, as well as in the Chemical Handling Group. I am responsible for the chemicals at the department, ensuring that the labs are stocked, orderly and safe, and am the department administrator of the web based system for chemicals, KLARA. An additional responsibility is to maintain and update the webpages for the department.


I studied natural sciences at Uppsala University, including biology, geology and paleontology. My Ph.D. dealt with shell breakage and shell repair in gastropods as a result of predator/prey interactions, with a focus on the Paleozoic.

I enjoy the varied work at the museum. I get to immerse myself in collections from different places around the world and work like a detective to search for information, such as localities with sometimes long forgotten names, and decipher old handwritten labels or find matching specimen parts.