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Longevity records

Here we present longevity records for birds ringed in Sweden.

The longevity records are presented in a list divided into four parts. The two first parts cover the non-passerines and the last two parts cover the passerines.

At least five years

Only species where recovered birds have reach an age of at least five years have been included. This means that species with only few individuals ringed might be missing due to a lack of recoveries, and short-lived species, might be missing due to the time criterion.

The oldest individuals

The two oldest individuals fulfilling the time criterion have been included in the list. If a species is not included in the list means that there is no Swedish recovery of the species indicating a life time of at least 5 years.

  • Re-trapped - The bird was re-trapped by a bird ringer
  • Caught in trap - The bird was accidentaly caught in a trap for some other species, for example a mink trap or a fishing net.
  • Ring read in the field - The ring number was read from a distance, often through a telescope or binocular. This is common among birds with larger rings and special tags designed to be easily read at a distance.

Longevity list for different species





The longevity records have been revised in August 2013.