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The Bird Ringing Centre

Welcome to the Bird Ringing Centre in Sweden. At the Bird Ringing Centre all scientific ringing of wild birds in Sweden is administrated.

Since bird ringing begun in Sweden in 1911 more than fifteen million individual birds have been ringed and more than
180 000 of these have been recovered.

​Have you found a ring?

If you have found a ring or a ringed bird with the inscription RIKSMUSEUM STOCKHOLM we would be very pleased if you report this to us. How to report a ring or a ringed bird is described under Ring recovery.

If you give us your contact details we will send you a note on the recovered bird with information on when and where the bird was ringed and anything else we know about this individual bird.

Bird ringing

Bird ringing, as a scientific method, is very important for our knowledge about reproduction, migration and survival rates in many bird species and every recovery report is valuable.

Mapping tool for Swedish recoveries

A web application showing the geographical distribution of recoveries of birds ringed in Sweden. The mapping toolexternal link, opens in new window  

Ringed and recovered

Under Ringed and recovered you find information about ringed birds in Sweden and numbers of recovery of birds. 

Longevity records

Here you can read more about differnt longevity records of birds ringed in Sweden. Go to Longevity records.

EURING - International cooperation

International collaboration is important for studying bird migration successfully by means of ringing. Read more about EURING.

Contact details:

Bird Ringing Centre
Swedish Museum of Natural History
Box 50 007
SE-104 05 Stockholm

E-mail: bird.ringing@nrm.se
Phone +46-8-519 540 80