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The department has produced a lagre amount of scientifc and popular articles, annual reports and books.

The Publications produced between 1960´s and 2103 are presented in publication lists, divided in public year and subject field. From 2014 are all publications produced at the department registreted in DiVAexternal link.


Her you find our manuals for collection, preparation and storage of biota.

Manual for eggsPDF

Manual for fishPDF

Manual for mossesPDF

Manual for musselsPDF

Manual for State game birdPDF


Publications from the Bird Ringing Centre include scientific and popular articles, and occasionally, other books.

More information under:

Bird ringing atlas

Scientific publications

Environmental Monitoring

Here you find publications list over all artikles and reports that has been written att the department between 1960s and 2013 about environmental monitoring. If you are interessted in some of the artikels or reports, contact som of the authers. You find contact information under Staff.

Publication list 2013PDF

Publication list 2012PDF

Publication list 2011PDF

Publication list 2010PDF

Publication list 2009PDF

Publication list 2008PDF

Publication list 2007PDF

Publication list 2006PDF

Publication list 2005PDF

Publication list 2004PDF

Publication list 2003PDF

Publication list 2002PDF

Publication list 2001PDF

Publication list 2000PDF

Publication list 1990sPDF

Publication list 1980sPDF

Publication list 1970sPDF

Publication list 1960sPDF


If you are interested in articles about palynology, you find more information under Publications Palynological laboratory.