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Neoproterozoic crustal growth in the Arabian-Nubian Shield

Late-Precambrian volcanic rocks and dragon blood trees, Socotra Island, Yemen.

Late-Precambrian volcanic rocks and dragon blood trees, Socotra Island, Yemen.


The Arabian-Nubian Shield, which stretches from north-eastern Africa across the Arabian peninsula, represents one of the most significant volumes of Neoproterozoic crustal growth on Earth and, as such, is a key region for understanding tectonic and magmatic processes in the late Precambrian as well as the likely distribution of continents prior to the assembly of Gondwana during the so-called Pan African orogeny.

This project focusses on providing new geochronological constraints on magmatism across the shield as well as investigating the role of earlier micro-continental fragments in the assembly of the shield. Additionally, we are investigating the provenance of the Cambro-Ordivician “sand sea”, a vast fluvial deposit on the eroded Precambrian peneplane.

Project participants at the museum

External project participants

  • Salah Al Khirbash (researcher), Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman
  • Victoria Pease (researcher), Stockholm University, Sweden
  • Mahrous Abu El-Enen (researcher), Mansoura University, Egypt
  • Douglas Stoeser (emeritus researcher), USGS, Denver, USA
  • Michael Flowerdew (researcher), CASP, Cambridge, UK

Selected publications

  • Whitehouse, M.J., Pease, V., Al Khirbash, S.A. (2016). Neoproterozoic crustal growth at the margin of the East Gondwana continent - age and isotopic constraints from the easternmost inliers of Oman. International Geology Review 58, 2046-2064.
  • Rantakokko, N.E., Whitehouse, M.J., Pease, V., Windley, B.F. (2014). Neoproterozoic evolution of the eastern Arabian basement based on a refined geochronology of the Marbat region, Sultanate of Oman. In: Rollinson, H.R., Searle, M.P., Abbasi, I.A., Al-Lazki, A. & Al-Kindi, M.H. (eds) Tectonic Evolution of the Oman Mountains. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 392, 107-127.
  • Abu El-Enen, M.M., Whitehouse, M.J. (2013). The Feiran-Solaf Metamorphic Complex, Sinai, Egypt: Geochronological and geochemical constraints on its evolution. Precambrian Research 239, 106-125.
  • Flowerdew, M.J., Whitehouse, M.J., Stoeser, D.B. (2013). The Nabitah fault zone, Saudi Arabia: A Pan-African suture separating juvenile oceanic arcs. Precambrian Research 239, 95-105.