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Swedish radiometric age data base

The Swedish radiometric age data base has been created in cooperation between the Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU) and the Swedish Museum of Natural History (NRM).

The data base is kept at the SGU, which has had the main responsibility for its development, and will continue to update, maintain and develop it. It is intended for use both by researchers in geology and by the general public.

Radiometic ages

The data base contains all known radiometric age determinations from Sweden, in all more than 2300 entries. Age determinations with coordinates are presented on a map of Sweden, where specific areas can be zoomed in, and information about individual data points retrieved.

If you yourself have performed any age determinations on Swedish rocks, you are invited to check that these are found in the database and that the information presented is correct. Information about mistakes, missing older age determinations, or newly made age determinations that should be entered into the data base, can be sent to Kjell Billströmexternal link (NRM) or Fredrik Hellström (SGU).

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