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Kjell Billström

Kjell Billström

Ph.D., Associated emeritus researcher


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  • Ph.D. in geology, Uppsala university, Sweden, 1985


  • Research in isotope geology.
  • Responsible for the research rock collection and associated data base handling.
  • Regular courses in isotope geology at Luleå Technical University.

Research interests

Basically, I work with problems related to crustal evolution and ore forming processes within an isotope geological frame-work. My work is directed towards radiometric dating of rocks and ore-forming events along with constraining the source of ore components with the aid of radiogenic and stable isotope methods.

Examples involving on-going and recently finished studies include work on ore formation in major ore districts in Sweden (IOCG deposits in Norrbotten and base metal deposits in the Skellefte district and in the Caledonides; and Cu-rich deposits further south in the Småland region).

Another major committment has been to analyse samples from the Ukrainian shield with emphasis on various ore types (e.g. Ni-bearing and U-REE deposits) and to constrain the ages of the oldest continental crust in this shield area.

I am also engaged in radiogenic isotope studies aiming to further the understanding of the trade with, and production of, bronze age artefacts and stone axes in Scandinavia. Most on-going studies form part of collaborative projects with funding from different sources.

Ongoing research projects

Previous research projects