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Jeremy Bellucci

Ph.D., Researcher


Phone: +46-8-5195 4189
E-mail: jeremy.bellucci@nrm.se

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  • B.Sc. in Geology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois USA, 2006
  • Ph.D. in Geochemistry, University of Maryland, College-Park, Maryland USA, 2011


Geochemical investigations into the Earth, Moon, and Mars.

Research interests

My research uses stable and radiogenic isotopic data obtained in situ from individual minerals using Secondary Ion Mass Spectro-metry (SIMS) to investigate the timing of planetary formation and the interaction(s) between the lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere of planetary bodies.

Research projects


Selected publications

  • Bellucci, J.J., Whitehouse, M.J., John, T., Nemchin, A.A., Snape, J.F., Bland, P.A., and Benedix, G.X. (2017) Halogen and Cl isotopic systematics in Martian phosphates: Implications for the Cl cycle and surface halogen reservoirs on Mars. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 458, 192-202.
  • Bellucci, J.J., Whitehouse, M.J., Nemchin, A.A., Snape, J.F., Pigeon, R.T., Grange, M., Reddy, S.M., and Timms, N. (2016b) A scanning ion imaging investigation into the micron scale U-Pb systematics in a complex lunar zircon. Chemical Geology. 438, 112-122.
  • Bellucci ,J.J., Nemchin, A.A., Snape, J.F., Whitehouse, M.J., Kielman, R.B., Bland, P.A., Benedix, G.K. (2016a) A Pb isotopic resolution to the Martian meteorite age paradox. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 433: 241-248
  • Bellucci, J.J., Nemchin, A.A., , Whitehouse, M.J., Snape, J.F., Bland, P.A., Benedix, G.K. (2015b) The Pb isotopic evolution of the Martian mantle constrained by initial Pb in Martian meteorites Journal of Geophysical Research-Planets. 120: 2224-2240.
  • Bellucci, J.J., Nemchin, A.A., Whitehouse, M.J., Humayun, M., Hewins, R., and Zanda, B. (2015a) Pb-isotopic evidence for an early, enriched crust on Mars. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 410: 34-41.