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The International vascular plant herbarium

The General herbarium house approximately 1.500.000 specimens from all over the world.

The collections of the International vascular plant herbarium include scientifically important material from botanists such as J. G. C. Lehmann, O. W. Sonder, C. F. Ecklon, K. Zeyher, J. F. Drège, E. Luersen, E. Hultén, F. W. Klatt, P. O. Swartz, E. L. Ekman, G. A. Malme, A. F. Regnell, C. A. M. Lindman and E. Asplund .

Historical material

Furthermore, there is historical material collected by linnaean disciples, e. g. P. Osbeck, A. Sparrman and C. P. Thunberg. A separate collection comprising some 4500 specimens from the famous swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus is the Linnean herbarium (S-LINN).


About 30% of the vascular plant herbarium have been digitized and are available as database records in an on-line databaseexternal link. All known types, almost 60.000 specimens, have been digitized including images and are also available though our on-line databaseexternal link.

The Regnellian herbarium

Thanks to the physician and botanist Anders Fredrik Regnell, the Regnellian herbarium is today one of the largest collections of South American plants. The Regnellian herbarium used to be stored separate from the International herbarium, but they are today incorporated into a single herbarium and stored together.

More than 20 Swedish expeditions to South America have taken place over the years, the first in 1892-1894, led by C. A. M. Lindman and G. A. Malme. The Regnellian expeditions in combination with an active exchange with other institutions, mean that the Regnellian herbarium is continually growing.