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Reproductive ecology of unisexual bryophytes

Collaboration (alphabetic order): Nils Cronberg, University of Lund, Johan Ehrlén, University of Stockholm,Lars Hedenäs , Swedish Museum of Natural History, Helena Korpelainen, University of Helsinki.

We investigate reproductive traits and their evolution in selected unisexual mosses. Many populations of unisexual bryophytes are sterile, and if they express sex, females are often the dominating gender. Currently, we explore to which degree phylogenetic history accounts for sex expression patterns and sporophyte frequencies in a group of wetland mosses. We also study genetic gender ratios by means of molecular markers in different geographic areas and at various scales, and potential relationships with environmental factors.

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Irene Bisang
Female Pseudo-calliergon trifarium.
Perichaetia bearing shoot of Pseudocalliergon trifarium. Photo: Lars Hedenäs.
Irene in fieldwork.
Fieldwork for reproductive biology research. Photo: Lars Hedenäs.