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Pleurocarp phylogeny

Research of Lars Hedenäs

Until now my research has focussed on large-scale relationships among the pleurocarpous mosses and on more detailed studies of a number of genera in the moss family Amblystegiaceae. The species of this family are important components in various wetland ecosystems, especially in relatively mineral-rich environments where peat mosses (Sphagnum) do not dominate. Well-known genera in this group of mosses are Calliergon, Campylium, Drepanocladus, Scorpidium, and Warnstorfia.

I am currently evaluating different explanations for the variation in morphological and physiological characteristics that is present among pleurocarpous mosses. In these studies I work both with temperate wetland species of the family Amblystegiaceae and with the family Sematophyllaceae in tropical SE Asia. I have also initiated studies of infraspecific variation in a number of wetland species that seem to grow in somewhat different habitats in different parts of Sweden.

I am also participating in the projects Flora of Australia (fam. Brachytheciaceae), Flora of North America (several genera in the fam. Amblystegiaceae), Flora Neotropica (Amblystegiaceae), and Mosses and Liverworts of Uganda (parts of Hypnaceae, Fabroniaceae, Hylocomiaceae, Rhytidiaceae).

Madeiran pleurocarpous mosses is a list of all specimens studied for the compilation of "Hedenäs, L. 1992. Flora of Madeiran pleurocarpous mosses (Isobryales, Hypnobryales, Hookeriales). Bryophytorum Bibliotheca 44: 1-165." The list is available as a text file.