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Hepatics in Arjeplog


Research of Gillis Een

The hepatics in my bryophyte collections from Arjeplog parish in 1949 and 1960 have now, at last, been determined. Furthermore all hepatics from Arjeplog in the bryophyte herbarium of NRM have been registered. Botanical literature has been scanned in search for relevant information. The resulting data have been compiled into documents containing contributions from 22 collectors with 2074 records representing 180 taxa.

For each collector there is a list of visited localities and corresponding dates. Furthermore there are quotations from the literature describing where and how each one traveled. This forms a small contribution to the history of botanical exploration in the area.

Arjeplog parish forms the western part of Pite Lappmark where it borders on Norway. The Northern Arctic Circle crosses the area. It was often difficult to identify the localities on older labels. This is caused by the fact that many names are Samic and their orthography has been unstable for many centuries. Maps from Rikets Allmänna Kartverk, surveyed in 1967 to 1974, have been used as standard and every locality has been given its proper geographical coordinates.

All data and comments have been put into one text-document and 26 excel tables which can be downloaded below.

Gillis Een, Swedish Museum of Natural History, 13 December 2004
Edited by Monika Myrdal

Excel tables: