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Flora, diversity and distribution of Swiss bryophytes

In collaboration with members NISM at Institut für Systematische Botanik (University of Zürich) and Ariel Bergamini (Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL, Birmensdorf).

We analyze distribution patterns in space and time, and diversity patterns in relation to landscape and habitat attributes. We have, for example, demonstrated that the type of crop and associated arming practices are crucial for the occurrence and performance of hornworts in agricultural ecosystems.
Within the "National Inventory of the Swiss bryoflora — NISM", the distribution of Swiss bryophytes is mapped. Species occurrence data are collected at pre-determined, partly randomly chosen localities in surfaces of fixed size (so called standard relevées) to allow for objective analyses of the distribution patterns. In addition, NISM works towards a web-based flora for Swiss bryophytes.

Bryophytes on concrete
Bryophytes are able to colonize very different substrates, here concrete. Photo: Irene Bisang.
Polytrichum commune
Polytrichum commune. Photo: Irene Bisang.
Bryum schleicheri
Bryum schleicheri. Photo: Irene Bisang.