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Atlas of Seeds

Atlas of Seeds presents morphological descriptions, photographic illustrations, and keys to the seeds and small fruits of the plant species occurring in northwestern Europe.

The treatments are useful not only to plant taxonomists, but also to archaeologists, palaeobotanists, quaternary geologists, and ecologists.

The project​

The project was initiated in 1963 by Greta Berggren at the Swedish Seed Testing Station, but for many years her work was conducted at the Swedish Museum of Natural History. Greta Berggren published the first two volumes, part three was written by Anna-Lena Anderberg.

Published volumes of Atlas of Seeds:

  • Part 2. Cyperaceae - by G. Berggren, 107 pp. (1969). No ISBN
  • Part 3. Salicaceae-Cruciferae - by G. Berggren, 260 pp. (1981). ISBN: 91-7260-498-0 or 978-91-7260-498-8
  • Part 4. Resedaceae-Umbelliferae - by A.-L. Anderberg, 281 pp. (1994). ISBN: 91-86510-26-6 or 978-91-86510-26-8

Order Atlas of Seeds

The volumes that has been published and can be ordered from Ulla-Karin Skärlund external linkor Anna-Lena Anderbergexternal link