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Gallery of persons

Adolf Fredrik
1710-1771, king of Sweden from 1751, married to Lovisa Ulrika.

Ankarcrona, Teodor
1687-1750, admiral and councillor of the Admiralty, governor in Stockholm, member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Artedi, Petrus
1705-1735, zoologist, ichtyologist, fellow-student of Linnaeus.

Boerhaave, Herman
1668-1738, Dutch physician, director of the hospital of Leiden, professor of botany and chemistry.

Brodersonia, Christina
1688-1733, mother of Carl Linnaeus.

Brodersonius, Samuel
ca. 1658-1707, grandfather of Carl Linnaeus, parish priest in Stenbrohult, Småland.

Burman, Johan (Johannes)
1690-1762, professor of botany in Amsterdam.

Celsius, Olof, senior
1670-1756, professor of theology and dean in Uppsala. Member of the Science Society of Uppsala and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm. He had knowledge in Oriental languages and an interest in botany. Described the flora of the province of Uppland, compiled Flora Uplandica and was a friend and protector of Linnaeus.

Clifford, Georg
1686-1760, banker and mayor in Amsterdam, director of the Dutch East India Company, possessor of a botanical garden in Hartecamp at Haarlem in the Netherlands.

Dillenius, Johan Jacob
1684-1747, German botanist, professor of botany in Oxford, England.

Ekeberg, Carl Gustav
1716-1784, captain at the Swedish East India Company, wrote books of his travels, made several journeys to East India and China, i. a. a journey together with the Linnaean disciple Sparrman.

Gronovius, Johann Frederich
1690-1762, Dutch botanist, med. doctor and senator in Leiden in the Netherlands, gave name to Linnaeus' favourite flower Linnaea.

Jussieu, Antoine Laurent de
1686-1758, professor of botany in Paris.

Lidbeck, Erik Gustaf
1724-1803, one of Linnaeus students in Uppsala, travel companion to Linnaeus on his journey to Västergötland, later director of the botanical garden and professor of natural history in Lund.

Linné, Carl von, fil.
1741-1783, son of Carl Linnaeus, professor in Uppsala.

Linné, Elisabeth Christina von
1743-1782, daughter of Carl Linnaeus, married to Major Carl Fredrik Bergencrantz, grandson of Olof Rudbeck fil.

Linné, Lovisa von
1749-1839, daughter of Carl Linnaeus, unmarried.

Linné, Sara Christina von
1751-1835, daughter of Carl Linnaeus, married to Captain Hans Henrik Duse.

Linné, Sophia von
1757-1830, daughter of Carl Linnaeus, married to the solicitor of the Academy, Samuel Christoffer Duse.

Linnaeus, Anna Maria
1710-1769, sister of Carl Linnaeus, married to the vicar in Wirestad, Gabriel Höök.

Linnaeus, Emerentia
1723-1753, sister of Carl Linnaeus, married to the Head of the County Constabulary, Carl Ammon Branting.

Linnaeus, Johannes
1754-1757, son of Carl Linnaeus, born in Uppsala, died before the age of three.

Linnaeus, Nils Ingemarsson
1674-1748, father of Carl Linnaeus, parish priest in Stenbrohult, Småland. Took the name Linneaus after the big lime-tree (lind in Swedish) which grow on the farm Jonsboda, Hvittaryds socken, Småland where he was born.

Linnaeus, Samuel
1718-1797, brother of Carl Linnaeus, parish priest and later rural dean in Stenbrohult, Småland. Married to Anna Helena Osander.

Linnaeus, Sara Magdalena
1744-1744, daughter of Carl Linnaeus, died after 15 days.

Linnaeus, Sophia Juliana
1714-1771, sister of Carl Linnaeus, married to the parish priest in Ryssby, Johan Svensson Collin.

Moræus, Johan
1672-1742, Carl Linnaeus' father in law, physician in Falun.

Moræa, Sara Elisabeth

1716-1806, Linnaeus' wife.

Nietzel, Didrik
1703-1756, German gardener, worked for Clifford on Hartecamp in Holland, later gardener of the Botanical Garden in Uppsala.

Reuterholm, Nils Esbjörnsson von
1676-1756, baron, employed at the Swedish embassies in Holland, Hanover and therafter Poland, later governor in Stora Kopparbergs län, later also in Närkes and Värmlands län. Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm from its foundation in 1739.

Roberg, Lars
1660-1740, professor of medicine in Uppsala, responsible for the theoretic and practical medicine, surgery, physiology and chemistry.

Rosén, Nils von Rosenstein
1706-1773, professor of anatomy and practical medicine in Uppsala. Olof Rudbeck fil.'s successor.

Rothman, Johan Stensson
1684-1763, county medical officer in Växjö and Linnaeus' teacher of nature science at Växjö upper school.

Royen, Adriaan van
1705-1779, professor of botany in Leiden.

Rudbeck, Olof fil.
1660-1740, botanist, philologist and antiquarian, professor of medicine in Uppsala, responsible for anatomy, botany, zoology and pharmacology.

Smith, Sir James Edward
1750-1828, English naturalist, bought Linnaeus' herbarium.

Sohlberg, Claes
1711-1773, fellow-student and travel companion of Linnaeus during his journeys to Dalarna and Holland, worked as a practising physician, first in Falun and later in Filipstad.

Söderberg, Olof Andersson
1728-1758, student of Linnaeus in Uppsala, Linnaeus' travel companion on his journey to Skåne, later docent in Greifswald and Uppsala and appointed professor in Halle.

Tessin, Carl Gustaf
1695-1770, count, senator, chief marshal at court, founded a cabinet of natural-history specimens at Läckö.

Tilas, Daniel
1712-1772, baron, governor, member of the Council of Mines, national herald. Director over the ironworks in Jämtland and Härjedalen. Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences from its foundation.

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