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Microsculpture - The insect portraits of Levon Biss

See a microscopic world in gigantic format.Insect portraits enlarged to five meters large images. The exhibition will be on display until August 30, 2020.

Microsculpture is a ground breaking project by the British photographer Levon Biss that presents insect specimens from the Oxford University Museum of Natural History like never before.

These images reveal an unexpected and often breathtaking beauty and make visible the many intricate adaptations to the form of insects - what entomologists call their microsculpture.

Created through a collaboration between Levon and the Museum, this series of beautifully-lit, high magnification portraits captures the microscopic form of insects in striking high-resolution detail.

Displayed as large scale photographic prints up to 5 m wide, the Microsculpture project provides the viewer with a unique opportunity to study and appreciate this hidden world.

Utställning som visar många foton av samma insekt.

Large-scale photo prints - up to 5 meters wide - allow visitors to look into a hidden world.

Från utställningen Microsculpture. Bilder av insekter uppförstorade till ett stort format.
En liten glasmonter med insekter i förgrunden, bakom planscher med museets forskare.

The exhibition also shows examples from the museum's insect research, what they do and how it works.