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Fotomontage av flaska, hav och ö. Fotograf Erik Johansson.

Drifting away. Photo: Erik Johansson. NOTE The image is cropped.

Nature Illusions – Erik Johansson

See nature in an unexpected way! An exhibition with Erik Johansson's photographic illusions, displayed September 19th to March 11th.

Erik Johansson's photographic illusions of reality fascinate, calm and challenge the eye. There are optical compositions that experiment with our invasive expectations.

Erik Johansson is a photographer and creator. Unlike traditional photography, he does not take snapshots, but captures ideas using his camera and imagination. The finished image is a time-consuming process that often consists of a combination of hundreds of photographs joined to one.

He has received the The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency´s award for the Wildlife Photographer of the year, and exhibits 25 of his works at the Swedish Museum of Natural History.

Fotomontage av människor som sätter upp en måne på himlen. Foto: Erik Johansson

Full moon service. Photo: Erik Johansson. NOTE The image is cropped.

- The exhibition gives new perspectives on our nature while giving the visitor a fascinating, artistic and challenging experience. The hilarious and surreal compositions also raise questions about how we humans influence nature, says Claes Enger, project manager for exhibitions at the Swedish Museum of Natural History

Bild av Erik Johansson fotograferande på Island. Foto: Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson. Photo: Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson (born 1985) is a photographer and sculptor from Sweden but lives and works in Prague in the Czech Republic, but inspiration for the pictures is primarily from the growing environment at Götene in Sweden.

The exhibition is produced by the Swedish Museum of Natural History in collaboration with Erik Johansson.

The exhibition runs from 19 September to 11 March.