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Elever vid Allviksskolan som vann tävlingen Gilla Naturen.

Pupils at Alviksskolan who won the competition Love nature.

Love nature

Do you have a favourite place in nature? Which you feel should be preserved for the future?

This exhibition concerns ten such places in Sweden that have been chosen by pupils in years 4-6 at ten schools. With words, films and photos they present their favourite places in nature and explain why they should still remain in 50 years.

The exhibition includes school class entries in a competition conducted during 2017, arranged jointly by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Swedish Centre for Nature Interpretation, the Swedish Nature School Association, and the Swedish Museum of Natural History.

The purpose of the competition was to encourage schoolchildren to explore and appreciate nature, while calling attention to the importance of natural areas used by children and the need to protect them.

A total of 212 entries from schools throughout Sweden participated in the competition. The exhibition includes the ten entries chosen for the final stage.

The films are shown in the exhibition and can be seen in Swedish at the website.

More can be seen at: www.gillanaturen.seexternal link (Swedish)

Visit the relaxing area at the exhibition!
Here you can discover and enjoy nature, including animals. Which nature type are you? Sea enthusiast, broad-leaved forest nerd, coniferous forest lover, mountain crazy, or perhaps lake lover?

Shown here are also protected natural areas in five national parks in Sweden.

Take a selfie in front of the nature type you like best! Tag with #LoveNaturhistoriska #gillanaturen plus your nature type, for example #seaenthusiast.

Enjoy a refreshment break in the rest area!

In Sweden nature is protected in several ways:
The country’s finest and most valuable nature is contained in the national parks. The status of national park is the strongest protection that an area can have. It is protection for our common natural and cultural heritage, both for us and for future generations. National parks often have nature centres and hiking trails. Sweden’s 30 national parks are shown here.

The most common form of protection is the nature reserve. There are over 4500 nature reserves in Sweden, many of which are in the mountains. Nature reserves can have various purposes, including recreation and bird sanctuary.

The right of public access grants everyone exceptional opportunities to enjoy the countryside. But we must also take responsibility for nature, including animal life, and show consideration for landowners and other visitors.

In short: Do not disturb, do not destroy. More about the right of public access in the film.

The exhibition runs from 20 Februari to 26 August.