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T-bana: Universitetet
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Tisdag-fredag 12.15-17
Lördag-söndag 10-18

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How to farm “smart” in the city

Urban farming expert Ulrika Flodin Furås talks about what makes urban farming great, and which plants you can use to get started.

The urban farming designer is on hand at the exhibition one day every week. She has a background as an urban farming designer, author, and journalist and now has yet another assignment - contributing to the Grow the City.

Come and get farming tips as well as inspiration! 

Ulrika Flodin Furås. Foto: Elin Hallin

She talks about how and why urban farming increases biodiversity and social community - and how eating much tastier fruits and veggies is yet another benefit!

Ulrika Flodin Furås offers suggestions on three plants that make great choices for urban farming novices: chard, strawberries, and berry bushes.