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More about the exhibition

Children need nature in the city!

The Swedish Museum of Natural History aims to increase knowledge about nature and inspire people to take responsibility for our world. An important step toward achieving this goal is to foster a relationship with nature that is incorporated into people’s everyday lives. To awaken children's curiosity for planting a seed in the earth, exploring who lives in a log, or walking barefoot on cones and rocks.

The museum hopes to start a dialogue about important societal issues with citizens of Sweden as well as visitors from abroad. Over half of the world's population lives in urban areas, and cities are growing at an ever-faster pace.

Frida Samuelsson

“We are increasingly cut off from nature, and we risk taking its enormous importance for granted. Perhaps we don’t think about the fact that nature provides us with everything from the air we breathe to the food we eat, helps to reduce our stress level, and contributes to play and social community,” says Frida Samuelsson, the project manager for the Grow the City exhibition.

The museum would like to encourage visitors to think about what role nature can play in the city, and how we can “turn gray into green.”

Street-Smart Farming

Ulrika Flodin Furås. Foto: Elin Hallin

Ulrika Flodin Furås, an urban farming expert, on how to make “street-smart” urban farming choices

What’s the most fun?

Barn med pumpa

Children give their tips on what’s the most fun at Grow the City!