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We think this is the most fun!

Tips from children who visited the exhibition Grow the City and its various stations.

1. What did you think was the most fun at the exhibition? And why?

Olivia, 8 year-old:
The Barefoot Path. You can feel it! It's funny when it tickles under your feet. You could feel the cones and the wool the most.

Niklas, 7 years old:
Pet the two dinos in the dino park!

Milo, 6 years old:
It’s fun to play hide and seek in the yard and on the trails on the farm!

Jasmine, 11 year-old:
Eating plants was fun! One tasted like licorice!

2. What would you like to try out again or learn more about?

Loui, 12 year-old:
What kinds of insects live in the insect hotel! Where do the ladybugs live? Where do the wasps live? Do they live in the same places?

3. Do you have any tips about what an adult should try out at the exhibition?

Elsa, 9 year-old:
Walk on the Barefoot Path! Only kids ever do it. I wonder if adults can't be bothered to take off their shoes.

Barfotastig. Foto: Martin Stenmark

Photo: Martin Stenmark

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Ulrika Flodin Furås. Foto: Elin Hallin

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