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Grow the City

Come and experience the nature of the city at the Swedish Museum of Natural History's inner courtyard!

Try walking on the Barefoot Path! Watch the insects check into the hotel, and gain insight into the important role that nature plays in cities. On June 26, the Swedish Museum of Natural History’s popular exhibition, Grow the City, will open once again in the museum’s courtyard. This summer, visitors large and small will have the opportunity to explore nature in the city.

The Experience

In the museum's green inner courtyard, you can enjoy the urban farm and be inspired to start your own. This year, there are different stations where visitors can explore nature in the city.


Insektshotell. Foto: Martin Stenmark

The Insect Hotel, which helps to solve the housing shortage for insects in the city. Photo: Martin Stenmark

The Barefoot Path, where visitors can walk barefoot on different natural materials.

Honungsbin som arbetar på en vaxkaka. Foto: Pixabay

Watch as honey bees work in the hive.

Två barn utklädda till bin dansar på en bidansbana.

Learn to dance like a honeybee on our bi-dance course!

En flicka klappar en dinosaurie i dino-parken. Foto: Caroline Borgudd

Pet the dinosaurs Sarri and Parre in the museum's dino garden! In the garden are also plants that have existed since the dinosaurs' time, including ginkgo, magnolia and ferns.

Balkongodling, som ger inspiration till att odla på liten yta. Foto: Bengt Olofsson

The Balcony Farm, which provides inspiration about how to grow plants in a small space. Photo: Ulrika Flodin Furås

Lek på stock. Foto: Martin Stenmark

Logs for playing in nature, and for learning about it. Photo: Martin Stenmark

Skogsbild. Foto: Håkan Borgström

A Place in the Forest, where visitors can absorb nature with their all their senses. Photo: Håkan Borgström

Activities in the Green Corner

Take a quiz walk, roll flowerpots, fold seed bags, and look for insects.

Meet an urban farming expert
Urban farming expert Ulrika Flodin Furås will be on hand two days each week. Come and get farming tips as well as inspiration! Further information in the Events Calendar (in Swedish).

Who is Ulrika Flodin Furås?
Ulrika Flodin Furås is a highly experienced urban farmer. She also design various types of urban farms - from balconies to new community farm allotments. Personally, when farming she enjoys collaborating with others. She primarily grows edible plants, but also lots of flowers - preferably those that benefit biodiversity. Ulrika is also a gardening journalist, author, and photographer.

Ulrika Flodin Furås. Foto: Elin Hallin

Ulrika Flodin Furås. Photo: Elin Hallin

Tips for families

Check out our special tips for families with children!

Open until September 27th

The exhibition opens on May 19h and is open until September 27th.

You’re very welcome to visit!

Street-Smart Farming

Ulrika Flodin Furås. Foto: Elin Hallin

Ulrika Flodin Furås, an urban farming expert, on how to make “street-smart” urban farming choices

More about the exhibition

Frida Samuelsson

Read more about the exhibition!

What’s the most fun?

Barn med pumpa

Children give their tips on what’s the most fun at Grow the City!