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Survival of the Fittest

Video är projicerad på Sequioa trädets utsnitt i entréhallen.

An art exhibition is displayed in the museum's cash register. It is a video projection on the large Sequio tree that shows the history of the climate.

The Survival of the Fittest project is a collaboration between Kungl students. The Academy of Fine Arts, the international master's program in Curating Art at Stockholm University, the Natural History Museum and the Accelerator.

Survival of the Fittest is based on the Natural History Museum as an institution, the theme of the exhibition raises questions about cultural heritage, colonialism, posthumanism, evolution and art death.

Porträtt av Sara
Ekholm Eriksson

Sara Ekholm Eriksson

In addition to the part that is displayed in the Stockholm University Art Gallery Acceleratorexternal link, opens in new window, Sara Ekholm Eriksson exhibits a work in the museum's enterence hall.

The video is projected on the Sequioa tree's section in the entrance hall, it shows different parts of the climate history during the Sequioa tree's very long life span, and how the climate is today.

- We know how the climate has been through tree annual rings and the C-14 method. The video is a story from the tree's perspective interwoven with facts. The films are recorded from Abisko and borrowed from NASA's open archive, says Sara Ekholm Eriksson.

Title: Year rings
Time: February 14 - March 8
Location: Museum entrance hall
Duration: 14 minutes